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Special Cosmetic Procedures Palo Alto

Lip and Mouth concerns may be congenitally based or an age acquired problem. If lips are excessively large or asymmetric, they can be reduced or adjusted. If lips are thin and deficient, they can be made fuller. Lip enhancement can be accomplished with fat transplantation which can be of long term or semi-permanent durability. Fillers include hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm®. Juvederm ® is an excellent temporary remedy popular with many movie stars. Lip reduction is a pure surgical reduction procedure.
Major issues about the mouth and lip area include lines. These lines are somewhat based both on age and heredity. Smoking certainly does not help. The primary causes of lines include fat and collagen loss. The corrective procedures include dermabrasion, chemical peels (see non-surgical section), and fat injections or hyaluronic fillers. It is possible to return lips to a youthful fullness and reduce lining by 90% or more. This often takes more than one procedure.

Fat Transplantation works not only in the face and lips, but also in other areas of the body such as the buttocks. Although fat survival has been a challenge, techniques have improved.

Facial and Neck Liposuction. Facial and Neck Liposuction is one of the best and simplest of all procedures. It can be performed under conscious sedation or general anesthesia and takes one hour or less. A sculptured cheek, neck and jaw line is the desired result. A tiny 1/8 inch incision is made under the chin and behind each ear. Recovery is short and return to work a few days.

The Otoplasty procedure is a set-back of the ears. Prominent ears produce an appearance that generates “Dumbo” type comments. The goal is to set the ears closer to the head so they no longer are perceived as flopping in the wind. Patients are very pleased with this procedure. Recovery is quick and return to work or play is possible within a week. The otoplasty can be done with local or general anesthesia.

Chin Implantation can be done as an isolated procedure or along with another facial surgical procedure. The implants are usually made of silicone and are expected to last a life time. The goal is a pleasing facial balance. Both males and females are surgical candidates. Larger chin implants are indicated in men to produce a strong masculine jaw. Incisions are under the chin or inside the mouth. Recovery is rapid.

The Cheek or Malar Implant works well for the right candidate. High cheek bone definition is an asset in the beautiful or handsome face. The procedure can be done alone or in combination with other facial surgery. Often cheek implants are done at the same time as the lower eyelids (blepharoplasty). Recoveries are quite rapid and return to work or play is anticipated within a week.

The Brachioplasty consists of skin and fat reduction in the upper arms. For the selected patient with the bat wing deformity, it is a reasonable choice. When the bat wing deformity is substantial, liposuction alone does not solve the problem. The incision runs the length of the arm but with time becomes quite acceptable.

The Belt Lipectomy is designed to reduce skin 360 degrees about the central trunk and thus improve the contour of both the abdomen and the buttocks. This need occurs most often by patients with large weight loss. For the right patient it is a fine procedure.

Dr. Commons uses an ultrasonic technology, called the VASER® System, to help patients who have problems with excessive underarm sweating. This disorder is called Axillary Hyperhidrosis. Contact our practice to learn more about this new treatment option.