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Cheek Implants Palo Alto

Cheek Enhancement has taken on totally new and expanded dimensions with the very successful rise of fat grafts to the facial area. Although we still selectively use silicone cheek implants, fat transfers generally are so much easier and better. In addition they are natural. Fat can be placed over the cheek prominences which gradually fade as we grow older. Fat can be placed in the sunken mid cheek area. In fact fat can be placed just about anywhere you want to place it. These ares include, to mention a few, the forehead, the brow, the orbit, the lower orbit, the eye area, the lips, the jawline border, the temporal areas, the nose, the chin for sure, and even the ear lobes. Fat grafts or fat transfers are just a spectacular advancement. This is a major advance in cosmetic surgery in the 2010 decade and beyond.

Only your own fat can be used in fat grafting. This question does come up and it has to be your fat. So where does the fat come from. Usually the fat comes from a convenient area and that is the abdomen. Tiny incisions are made in the belly button or lower abdomen and fat is suctioned from the central abdominal area. Harvest sites however can just as easily be elsewhere including arms, thighs, hips, flanks, back, and even the male or female chest. Harvested fat is processed via being centrifuged and then collected in one cc syringes for the face. Every attempt is made to keep the fat cool and to transplant it as soon as possible. The fat is either snowstormed into place or layered in exact lines. Fine specialized .7mm or.9mm needles are used for the transfer. The needles are beautifully engineered and cost about $350 each. Both snowstorm and layering techniques work well. Fat contains a rich supply of stem cells so a fat graft is, in fact, a stem cell transplant . There is evidence that once fat is transferred to an area the very skin aged appearance of individual is reversed. This is so very true in the forehead.

What are the benefits of fat transfers?

Lost volume from aging is replaced. Skin age actually seems to reverse. Deficient chins and cheek areas and noses can be enhanced. Hollow eyelid sockets can be corrected in both the upper and lower areas. Aging is truly reversed to a degree.

Are there any liabilities or problems with the fat transfer operations?

Every surgeon knows that about 70% of the fat takes and survives and the rest is absorbed. Surgeons take this into account when planning the procedures. When done during facelift procedures recovery is lengthened and patients must be warned. Infections and bleeding are exceeding rare. Problems of any sort are , in fact, exceedingly rare.

How is recovery?

Recovery is easy and takes about a week to get back to the world again. There is some bruising and swelling which quickly subsides. Pain is nearly non existent. This is a really fine plastic surgery procedure.

What about costs?

The fat transfers are done in a very sterile operating room with patients under a general anesthetic. Local anesthesia is not used because that would puff up the tissues and cause confusion. Costs vary from area to area but the range is about $5000 to $10,000.

In summary cheek enhancement with fat transfer is the first and formost way to proceed today and in the foreseeable future. This great procedure offer so much to patients plus it is a joy to perform.